First Impressions: Eley “Extralong” 18g / #6

The contents of the Eley “Extralong” 18g / #6 cartridge.

The Eley cartridges contain an average of 171 pellets of #6 (2.6mm) shot. They are loaded with a short fibre wad of c. 10mm in depth and are crimped with a roll turnover, sealed with a thin cardboard overshot card of approximately 1mm depth. The case is a standard 3″ parallel tube plastic case, supplied in red with Eley branding printed in black.


Recoil was as strong as any .410 cartridge tested by the SmallBoreShotguns team, producing quite a thump in the (light) test gun.


No opportunity to test these shells on live game obtained at the time of our initial testing. We suspect that the loading will be adequate. Additionally, it appears to be a very high-pressure load: parts of the cases detached upon firing and followed the shot column down the bore, tearing a large hole in the pattern paper (separate to that made by the wad) in one instance. We don’t believe this to be either inherently unsafe, or particularly desirable.