Thin Patience

I continue to await the arrival of my new certificate.

At this point I am considering whether it would be reasonable or simply a waste of effort to send the invoice for the ever-rising costs for the storage of my shotguns to the office of the local police and crime commissioner (aside: do they actually commission crime?). No doubt it would be ignored and binned at the earliest possible opportunity, but if it ever actually made it to the the PCC’s desk, perhaps I’d have made a point?

In the meantime, I have been offered and accepted the gift of an unwanted 9mm rimfire shotgun from a generous member of the PigeonWatch forum. This will require a reasonably-long drive to collect at a time to be determined. I’ve said to the member in question that, if he’s able to fulfill his original wish of giving the gun to a young shooter, just starting out, that he should do that in preference to giving it to me, but assuming that continues not to happen, the next SmallBoreShotguns test gun should be available for use at some point over the summer.

I continue to work on the Rheinberger organ sonata (Op. 132) and a couple of his Ten Trios (Op. 49). I should do some reloading, having finished most of the other urgent jobs on my list, but until I have a gun to shoot and the possibility of patterning it, it’s just too frustrating to contemplate.

On a positive note, the Trinidad Scorpion chilli plant I bought earlier this year has just started to flower. Super-hot curry beckons in a month or so!

I sincerely hope that my next post will be on the subject of shooting. Gnn.