The Modern Arms Company (Ltd.)

I’ve made some progress this morning on establishing the provenance of the garden gun.

I know already that the gun dates from before 1954 when the London Proof House changed their marks. It now appears however, that the gun may be older even than my higher estimate of 80 years. The only “Modern Arms Company” for which I can find records traded in London between 1923 and the outbreak of the second world war, with some distribution of others’ products continuing until 1942 or possibly as late as 1947. I understand that the company incorporated in 1928, and on the basis that I believe the stamp on the barrel says “Modern Arms Co.” rather than “Modern Arms Co. Ltd.”, the gun dates from their pre-incorporation period and is therefore at least 89 years old. I will confirm this assertion tonight.

I’m going out this evening, after dinner, to perform the first test firing – weather permitting. I don’t expect any issues, but if you don’t hear from me again, you can assume I died doing what made me happy – learning more about how unusual, small and antiquated shotguns behave and perform. I can’t wait! A write-up and any patterns I can shoot will doubtless follow shortly.