Getting Stuck In

May and June are the months for crows and, once again, one of the local landowners has been in touch with the sporting association of which I’m a member to ask that someone come and deal with the 300-500 that are currently inhabiting his cattle barns. I’ve volunteered for the Sunday morning slot and I’m looking forward to it.

It’s been so long since I’ve been out that – although I don’t feel completely rusty, shooting-wise – I’m concerned about remembering to take everything I need. Since I’m planning to be out at around 6am to be in the fields for 7am, Sunday morning isn’t likely to be the best time to scramble around the house for bits of kit I’ve forgotten to pack.

I’m almost certain that I’ll take a half-choked 12 gauge and the .410. It might be time to start using up some of the odds and ends left over from last year’s testing  if the birds decoy well, to make space in my cartridge box for whatever I can lay my hands on for the remainder of this year. That’ll probably depend on how well the birds decoy.

We shall see.