Awaiting Delivery

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog (or indeed, anything on this website), so I thought it would be worth putting a short post up to explain my absence, in case any regular readers – if I have any – were wondering where I’d disappeared to.

I’m awaiting the delivery of a number of rolls of plotter paper from a stationary company I’ve discovered online. These are more normally used for architect’s drawings on spectacularly expensive inkjet printers that usually occupy a small room by themselves, but in this case, they’ll do rather well for my purposes and – best of all – at relatively little expense. The paper size is 39″ by 50m (a lovely mix of metric and Imperial measurements), and I’m currently working on a “luggable” container with attachment to store the rolls and transport them, so as to make a portable pattern plate. Watch this space!

Since the patterning experiments cannot progress further and the limited number of cartridges I have available for testing means that I cannot afford to waste any on hunting (in case that brand turns out to be “the one”), I’ve been relying on my other shotguns for hunting.

A short trip out on Saturday with my 12 gauge – seeing the light of day for the first time in nearly 2 years – proved to be an enjoyable “mystery wildlife tour” but failed to provide any opportunities. Whilst the sight of five roe deer, flocks of seagulls, a solitary fox and 37,000,000 peewits made an otherwise quiet walk in the countryside more interesting, I was left wondering where all the wood pigeons had gone. They are, presumably, somewhere.

Whilst I await the paper for patterning, I will be turning my thoughts to what else I can produce for the website. I’ve taken a break from it to concentrate on other projects lately, but there’s a history for the 28 gauge that needs to be written – I may work on that.