First Impressions: Hull “Game & Clay” 11g / #6

The contents of the Hull “Game & Clay” 11g / #6 cartridge.

The Hull cartridges contain an average of 111 pellets of #6 (2.6mm) shot, weighing 174.5 grains (c. 11.3g) on average. A few (2-3) of the pellets in each cartridge opened were not spherical and did not roll freely. The cartridges are loaded with a long plastic diablo-type wad with a substantial compression section which we imagine will cause these cartridges to give above average performance. The case is a standard 2½” parallel tube plastic case, supplied in red with Hull branding printed in black and crimped with a roll crimp and thin, labelled card.


Recoil was negligible, although the report seemed relatively loud for a .410 cartridge.


No opportunity to test these cartridges on live game has presented itself to date; the extended pattern test for this cartridge may be found here. The only notable feature of this cartridge is that the pieces of the wad, having disintegrated, impacted the pattern plate somewhat after the shot had passed through it. Two distinct impacts were audible after the moment of firing, suggesting that this is a “slow” cartridge and that the wad is weak, which may cause poor obturation and thus, performance.