First Impressions: Fiocchi “Magnum” 19g / #8 (Italian)

The contents of the Fiocchi “Magnum” 18g / #8 (Italian) cartridge.

The Fiocchi cartridges contain an average of 227 pellets of 2.3mm diameter – equivalent to an English size #7½. The pellets seemed to have a brighter sheen than the cartridges of this brand having other shot sizes which have been tested previously. The cartridges contain a full-length plastic wad with long skirt and petalled cup which insulates almost all of the shot from the walls of the cartridge – and, presumably, the barrel. They are crimped with a rolled turnover and 1mm numbered card. The case is a standard 3″ parallel tube plastic case, supplied in green with Fiocchi branding printed in gold. The powder is unidentified at the time of writing, but is extremely slow compared to others which have been tested for this site.


Recoil from the Fiocchi cartridges was moderate to sharp, with a noticeable “boom” to the report. This may have been due to powder burning outside of the gun barrel, caused by testing on a relatively cold day.