First Impressions: Eley “Fourlong” 12½g / #6

The contents of the Eley “Fourlong” 12½g / #6 cartridge.

The Eley cartridges contain an average of 124 pellets of #6 (2.6mm) shot, weighing 194.4 grains (c. 12.6g) on average. A single pellet in one of the cartridges examined did not roll freely and was probably damaged by the blade when the case was opened. The cartridges are loaded with a medium-length fibre wad. The case is a standard 2½” parallel tube plastic case, supplied in red with Eley branding printed in black and – notably unlike the  #7 version of this cartridge – crimped with a roll crimp and thin card.


Noting that the scale of .410 recoil runs from from “non-existent” to “mild”, these cartridges produced mild recoil. They were in no way uncomfortable to fire, but recoil was noticeable, whereas, for many other 2½” .410 cartridges, it is not.


No opportunity to test these cartridges on live game has presented itself to date; the extended pattern test for this cartridge may be found here.